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Growth Through 

Strategic Planning and Precise Execution

of Business Development Initiatives

About Us

The ASTA Group is a modern and dynamic organization providing strategic business consulting to a variety of concerns in the commercial real estate, construction, hospitality, new technology, and financial services sectors. The ASTA Group works closely with and consults cutting-edge entrepreneurs and enterprises and assists them in bringing their projects, products, and services to the next level.

Making Notes


We provide integrated Management Consulting to individuals, companies and organizations across diverse business sectors. As the world changes and geopolitics redefine borders and technological innovation redefines economic opportunities, we convert  our customers’ business demands into valuable business results within their predetermined budget, quality and time.

Strategic Planning

Our global business expertise, network, and proven results-focused outlook form the foundation of our strategic and tactical planning services.  From establishing scope and viability, to budget, schedule and team requirements, to process implementation and ongoing evaluation, we can help tailor a plan to attain specific project goals and milestones.  This includes sourcing traditional and alternative financing options as well as gauging risk and developing mitigation strategies that will help save time and money.   We seek to maximize growth opportunities by assisting with the conceptual planning and development of the enterprise at the same time promoting innovation, entrepreneurialism, and business acceleration.


Real Estate

& Construction Services

We offer turn-key solutions for our clients’ Bricks and Mortar expansion goals.  Whether it be office, retail, restaurant and hospitality venues, warehousing or logistics, we provide expert market knowledge that creates a competitive advantage.  Services offered include feasibility, planning, site canvassing and selection, lease/acquisition advisory and brokerage, negotiations and complete design and build-out construction solutions. 




About us
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Contact Us

The AStA Group LLC

555 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10022 


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